Our experience extends to the highest quality pipeline integrity assessments through accurate survey methods and techniques. Our clients have a variety of methods to determine their pipeline inspections requirements such as but not limited to:

  • In-line inspections (ILI) data
  • Visual inspections
  • Leak detection
  • Pipeline current mapping

We specialize in integrity programs providing solutions to develop best practices for clients who are looking to advance or develop their own Pipeline Integrity systems. With ongoing regulatory changes and public awareness rising, Integrity programs are an increasing priority to all energy assets.

We have worked on several client specific integrity programs. Precision Geomatics (PGI) can assist in determining anomaly locations either by laying out coordinates or refining the position through an above ground marker (AGM) system. A field crew is sent to the location to record all topo features and both buried and above ground features. A workspace and access will be determined, and a detailed sketch will be supplied to the office to draft a digsite plan to be used to obtain third party and landowner agreements. Once the agreements are in place and the client is ready to inspect the anomaly, a field crew would be sent back to stake the access, workspace, and buried facilities. If it is determined that the pipe will require a cut out, PGI can assist in recording the new welds and corresponding chainages (weld mapping).

PGI will strive to develop a custom integrity program tailored to the client’s requirements. We do our best not only to fulfill the scope of any job requested but to look for ways in which we can improve the project. Clients can also expect the integrity estimates to be as accurate as they can be. We make every effort to be honest about the expected costs and not make up the difference on change order.

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Plans & Mapping

Comprehensive Plans and Mapping that address all stakeholders concerns and meets licensing requirements.


Using innovation and qualified staff to increase productivity to meet timelines and avoid delays.

Minimize Costs

Minimize costs through risk mitigation along with experience to focus on critical tasks.


Synergizing the variety of expertise within Precision to support the best overall product.


Critical in Land Surveying and in producing third party documents for licensing and agreements.



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