The core of Precision Geomatics is our well trained and experienced team of professionals, technologists and support staff. Our team provides our clients with a personal touch which can be lost within large corporations. We expect open and clear communication with our clients and look to build a strong relationship of trust and respect.

Our team works closely together within a positive developed corporate culture, encouraging open communication and collaborative operations. This allows us to produce timely, efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients’ unique requests.



Within a safety-focused work environment based on mutual respect, Precision Geomatics Inc. (PGI) will exceed its customers’ expectations by providing professional services through extensive knowledge and survey industry experience.


It is our vision to be an industry leader in superior survey services fostering: innovation, client trust, and staff loyalty within a safe-work environment.



  1. We are accountable for everything we do
  2. We are client focused, committed to professionalism, act with integrity, dedicated to earn trust and build mutual respect
  3. Each decision made and action taken is done in the best interest of the company, our clients and our valued staff

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