Wind Power:

PGI has had experience on a large-scale wind turbine project in the Three Hill area. This included all footprint land acquisition plans and some of the detailed engineering support.


Pipeline Alley:

For the past 15 years Precision has been the go to company for keeping up albulid plans within Pipeline Alley in Refinery row, Strathcona. We keep up an ongoing data base and CAD file describing pipeline owners above and below ground for the consortium of companies that share this highly congested space. We work directly with some of these company’s in this area and have detailed construction, access and ownership information for land and Engineering support.


Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC):

PGI has been working on a number of large-scale projects for over 7 years. We have experience in both Edmonton and Calgary TUC lands in dealing with the TUC applications, close out and special protocol requirements.


Deformation Surveys:

PGI has extensive experience in a multitude of deformations Surveys. From Environment to Engineering’s structural control projects, we can assist in monitoring movement of soil erosion or structures that require high precision control networks and related data.

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